November 28, 2011

We decided to stay in Fei Lai Si for two nights. On the second day, we were getting a little bored and decided to go for a hike. We had already gone for one that traversed a car trail and led to a viewpoint on the side of a mountain. Instead we looked upwards and saw an area covered in prayer flags, and a modern-looking temple with conservative red walls and a yellow roof. Frankly, the temple looked boring and prayer flags are always beautiful, so we decided to head that way. As we made our way over, we found that there was not just one path, but nearly 1,000 ways to get to the top of this hill. This meant that there was no particularly easy way up the mountain. Most of the 1,000 ways lead through bushes and thorns. Finally, when we arrived to the top, we realized what we had been aiming for. The area appeared to be nothing more than a cell phone tower… and yet somehow it was still bizarrely beautiful. Priscilla and I chatted about the focuses of our papers (but mostly just the focus of my paper, because she already had hers like three weeks ago), and then we headed down the most worn trail. This lead through a construction zone or two higher on the hill. Of course in a communist society, everyone was trying to capitalize on mountain front property. Soon enough we were back in our hotel rooms, watching James Bond or Fast and the Furious eating instant noodles. Life was pretty good.