December 4, 2011
Back in Kunming

Leaving Dali:

I arrived in Dali around a week ago and immediately entered culture shock. My hostel was filled with foreigners and everyone spoke English. Still, the hostel was very cheap and very nice, which encouraged me to stay there for the week. Still, I escaped the laowai enclave early and often, but only found more laowai walking the streets of Dali. I joke with Priscilla later that we were actually in the states all along. I kept chipping away at my paper anyways. But when other friends rolled into town, I discovered a puzzling inverse relationship. As more friends arrived, I began to write less and less pages of my paper. I know it stumped me too. Regardless, I knew that it was time to leave the fairy tale world of Chinese Old Towns. I caught a train to Kunming last Friday.


I have been quite productive this weekend, and finished my first draft of my paper Sunday! However, as many of you know, I am not a good proofreader and a typo-machien. This means that I will have to do quite a few drafts, so the tough part has really just begun. I also have to prepare a presentation for Wednesday (I believe). THE GREAT NEWS IS THAT I GOT TO PLAY FRISBEE. At practice on Saturday, I felt like a golden retriever drooling while his master gets ready to throw the frisbee. I practiced with the full team here in Kunming for the first time. They consist of 7 American ex-pats and 2 Chinese guys. They are more or less like the small team that I played with in Spain. The next day I threw around with their captain, and we chatted strategy. Afterwards, we traded jerseys as a sign of respect. He has become a good friend of mine here, and hopefully he and I will get to throw together a few more times before I head home on the 15th.